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Vibro Displacement Stone Columns

GeMech is a specialist ground improvement, piling and foundation contractor offering a wide range of expertise and experience, making it possible to provide our clients with cost effective tailored solutions to founding problems.

Vibro displacement stone columns are a technically accepted and economic method of enhancing fill material and weak soils to improve their load bearing and settlement characteristics.

The construction process involves introducing a vibrating poker or driving a vibrating mandrill to penetrate to a designed depth, and then filling the resulting cavity with layers of inert stone or recycled material in accordance with ICE specifications. The vibrator is reintroduced to the cavity, forcing each layer of stone into the surrounding ground creating confining pressure and densified columns of support. In granular material this densification creates an improvement in settlement control and bearing capacity. In cohesive materials the overall effect is one of reinforcement and settlement control.

The stone column layout can be arranged to suit varying combinations of load, soil type and settlement requirement. This forms a raft of stiffened material creating an integrated foundation support. Typically column spacings range between 1.0 metre and 2.5 metres under load bearing foundations and up to 3.0 metres beneath floor slabs.

GeMech will design and construct the entire building platform utilising a variety of ground improvement solutions ranging from vibro displacement stone columns, dynamic compaction (and consolidation), soil recycling and stabilisation, bored or driven piles, reinforced concrete ground beams, suspended concrete floors, ground bearing floors, blockwork up to DPC and drainage within the footprint of the building.

Why take a chance. Insist upon a GeMech building platform at a quality and price you will find hard to beat.

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