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Piling - Rotary Bored

GeMech operate rotary bored piling machines capable of constructing pile diameters ranging from 450mm to 1300mm. Rotary bored piles with telescopic kelly bar generally offer larger diameters and are typically used for constructing piles in stiff or hard substrata.
Without temporary casing, piles can be constructed in non-water bearing clays and soft rocks.
With temporary casing and using a dry-boring method, piles can be constructed through water bearing or unstable strata. On reaching the designed depth a pre-formed reinforcing cage is introduced, concrete is placed in the bore and brought up to the required level at which point temporary casing is withdrawn.
Inexpensive to mobilise, our modern fleet of rotary bored and continuous flight piling machines obtain high output at a quality and price you will find hard to beat.


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confined sites & phased developments
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