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Piling - Bottom Driven Permanent Steel Cased Cast In-Situ

GeMech operate a fleet of Vermeer HL1000, HL1200 and HL2500 piling machines. Manufactured in the Netherlands, these machines are ideal for operating in residential areas where space is at a premium and factors such as muck-away and contaminants are important considerations.

With a selection of hammer weights, piles can be constructed with working loads ranging from 5 tonnes to 85 tonnes. Unlike conventional driven piles, these piles are bottom driven such that all the energy is delivered directly to the pile toe (as opposed to top driven where the energy dissipates down the shaft of the pile) making the system extremely efficient and enabling high capacity piles to be installed using relatively small piling machines. The noise and vibration associated with top driven piles is virtually eliminated.

The continuous steel casing ensures that no spoil enters the pile bore and enables the cast in-situ pile to be constructed as a whole monolithic pile without joints or glues as is often necessary with pre-cast systems. There is no costly breaking down of piles because the pile casing can be driven to a pre-defined level and concrete placed within the casing to approximate level of the RC works.
As all machines are under the 15 tonne threshold, there is no requirement for a designed piling mat. Inexpensive to mobilise and far less disruptive than full sized piling equipment, our Vermeer range of driven piling machines obtain high output at prices which compare favourably with alternative methods.

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