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Piling Techniques

Why do we pile structures.

  1. To limit settlement both total and differential.
  2. To transfer building loads through weak soils to stronger soils at depth.

What alternatives are there to piling.

  • Traditionally excavated foundations to depth.
  • Vibro compaction / replacement
  • Dynamic compaction / consolidation.
  • RC rafts.
  • Vibro concrete columns.

Many pile types and methods of installation generally fall into the following categories.

There are basically two types of piling;

  1. Displacement piles.
    • Bottom driven permanently cased piles.
    • Top driven concrete or timber piles.
    • Top driven or vibrated sheet piles.
  2. Replacement piles.
    • Rotary bored piles without temporary casing.
    • Rotary bored piles with temporary casing.
    • Continuous flight auger (hollow stem).
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