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New Build-Housing

Over forty years ago the Building Research Establishment found that piled foundations performed substantially better than traditionally construction. More recently as brown field sites and marginal land are being developed, a piled foundation has almost become the norm. On sites where Building Control and NHBC require trenchfill to depths greater than the minimum, a pile and reinforced concrete beam foundation offers a cost effective and superior alternative.

As location is an imperative, builders and developers will often choose to construct on increasingly marginal land with difficult subsoils. This land can be economically improved using small and medium diameter piles and reinforced concrete beams to form a building platform. In shrinkable subsoils a requirement to allow up to 4.0 metres of potential desiccation is well within the capacity of an effectively sleeved pile. Similar requirements demanded of a trenchfill foundation are almost unobtainable and wholly uneconomic.

GeMech will design and construct the entire building platform comprising piles, reinforced concrete beams, suspended concrete floors, blockwork up to DPC and drainage within the footprint of the building.

Insist upon a GeMech building platform at a quality and price you will find hard to beat.

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New Build Housing

new build housing
confined sites & phased developments
Room Below, Retrofit Basements for family rooms, games rooms, utility rooms, study, home cinema or even a granny flat.
confined sites & phased developments
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