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Founding on Flood Plains

It is estimated that in the United Kingdom five million people now live and work in flood risk areas. The total value of assets at risk from flooding in these areas is £222 billion pounds.

Flood risk assessments are now accepted as a major part of the planning process under guidelines set out at PPG25/PPS25 and its equivalents.

GeMech were recently contracted to design and construct a raised, reinforced concrete platform on a matrix of piles at a site adjacent to the river Thames at Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. The innovative design comprised a raised, cantilevered reinforced concrete platform, supported by inboard 220mm diameter bottom driven permanently steel cased cast in-situ piles which were approved both by the Environment Agency and Building Control.

The clients were extremely pleased with the end result which not only ensured that they would remain safe should the river burst its banks, but in their own words presented a pleasing aspect which appeared to 'hover above the garden' with no immediately visible signs of support.

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