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Confined Sites & Phased Development

On small sites and sites with phased completion, full size piling equipment has inherently been costly to operate and difficult to manoeuvre. For these sites and for sites where environmental considerations are important or access difficult; GeMech have high performance, compact piling equipment capable of accessing the most confined sites and constructing a full range of continuous flight auger, bored and bottom driven piles.

Inexpensive to mobilise and far less disruptive than full sized piling equipment, our piling machines obtain output at prices which compare favourably to traditional methods.

GeMech will design and construct the entire building platform comprising piles, reinforced ground beams, suspended concrete floors, brickwork up to DPC and drainage within the footprint of the building.

Insist upon a GeMech building platform at a quality and price you will find hard to beat.

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new build housing
confined sites & phased developments
Room Below, Retrofit Basements for family rooms, games rooms, utility rooms, study, home cinema or even a granny flat.
confined sites & phased developments
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