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Case Study - Tandem II, Colliers Wood, SW London

John Mowlem came to GeMech for the foundations package to a mixed site comprising multi-storey construction, residential and commercial units. A compliant scheme called for::

  • Piled foundations (with tension loads) to be constructed using augered piles.
  • Piled floor slab to be constructed on augered piles.

Upon examination of the soils report and structural drawings from the Consulting Engineer, GeMech suggested an alternative and somewhat novel scheme which would utilise the materials on site, reduce the cost and design of the reinforced concrete slab and reduce the number of piles.

In conjunction with John Allan Consulting, GeMech provided a stone column solution to enable the use of a ground bearing reinforced concrete slab combined with permanently steel cased bottom driven piles, driven to a sufficient depth based on a static pile calculation and with sufficient reinforcement that compressive, tension and moment loads were all catered for.

According to John Mowlem, the GeMech scheme as adopted saved time, money, excavation, load and cart muck away muck to tip and of course concrete. It was according to Mowlem a prime example of value engineering at its very best.

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