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Career Opportunities

We have come a long way since we started this business. Our client list has grown to include some of the most successful, creative and interesting developer builders in our chosen sector. And we are still growing and will continue to grow by employing some of the brightest and most original thinkers.

But we have not been successful by being content to rest on our laurels. Although the growth has been breathtaking, we have never lost that youthful, questioning, pioneering spirit that has distinguished us from our contemporaries. If there is one thing that sets our people apart, it is their ability to think beyond the obvious. For some that means challenging an accepted precedent, for others it means providing professional engineering advice to assist our clients develop cost efficient, buildable and effective schemes to aid the delivery of profitable developments. No-one who is part of the GeMech team is afraid to use their imagination when a problem or opportunity lands on their desk. For us and the kind of clients we tend to attract, the next challenge is always the most interesting.

Below is a list of our current career opportunities. Please click on a title for more information.

new build housing
confined sites & phased developments
Room Below, Retrofit Basements for family rooms, games rooms, utility rooms, study, home cinema or even a granny flat.
confined sites & phased developments
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